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Croft Pink & Tonic, the first PORTONIC rosé, in a can, ready to drink

“Despite its long history and reputation, Croft never let itself be limited by tradition and in 2008 launched the first rosé Port wine: Croft Pink, which surprised everyone by its boldness and novelty. Croft Pink has attracted new and younger consumers to Port wine and created new consumption opportunities, namely those associated with the preparation of cocktails and summer drinks, where it was the essential ingredient.”, Says Adrian Bridge, managing director of Croft. And he adds: “The time has come to present this vibrant Port wine, in the ready-to-drink version, with tonic water, in an attractive can. We are confident that CROFT PINK & TONIC will please everyone looking for a refreshing and delicious drink. It further demonstrates the versatility and range of Port Wine.”

David Guimaraens, winemaker at Croft, highlights: “The innovative style of Port wine that we launched in 2008, Croft Pink, was achieved through a new winemaking technique capable of extracting fresh and fruity flavours and presenting a subtle and delicate pink colour to the wine. The fortification was also refined to ensure the freshness of the fruit aromas and to provide an elegant wine. The result was wonderfully fresh and vibrant, with delicious flavours of cherry, ripe raspberry, with hints of honey and grapefruit, in a dry and very attractive finish.” And he added: “The Croft Pink & Tonic that we now present is irresistible, as it combines the explosion of fruit aromas with the attractive dry finish of our tonic water. It is delicious and very practical to enjoy anytime and anywhere.”

The Croft Pink & Tonic is presented in a practical, convenient, 100% recyclable, elegant 250ml can. Its volume was designed to be easy to transport and to chill, being perfect to enjoy in a moment of relaxation, at home or outdoors, in the countryside or on the beach, with friends and family.