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Croft Port Croft Port
Reserve Tawny

The Croft Reserve Tawny is drawn from wines selected for their smoothness and mellow character. These are aged for up to seven years in oak casks in Croft’s cellars. The individual wines are then bl...

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Croft Port Croft Port

Quinta da Roêda

For an authentic vineyard experience, visit Croft’s famous estate, Quinta da Roêda, in Pinhão, in the heart of the Douro Valley. Discover all our experiences: Port wine tastings, visits tothe vineyards, picnics, workshops and many more.

Visit the Vineyards

Discover the stunning and historic Douro vineyards of Quinta da Roêda.

Port wine tastings

Enjoy a range of different Port tastings including Aged Tawnies and Vintage Port


Enjoy a picnic overlooking the beautiful vineyards of Quinta da Roêda.