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Croft Port Croft Port Croft Port Croft Port
Reserve Tawny

12°C to 16°C

Bottle standing upright

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12°C to 16°C

Reserve Tawny

The Croft Reserve Tawny is drawn from wines selected for their smoothness and mellow character. These are aged for up to seven years in oak casks in Croft’s cellars. The individual wines are then blended together a few months before bottling for balance and completeness.

Tasting Notes: Light brick red, with an amber hue. On the nose, rich red fruit, notes of caramel, raisins and cloves. On the palate, cardamom, spice, butterscotch and elegant redcurrant, interwoven with attractive nutty aromas. Smooth and round on the palate, full of luscious strawberry jam flavours and an elegant finish.



Kim Marcus
Wine Spectator, 2016
90 Points
"Rich and toothsome, with interesting dried herbal notes to the red plum and toffee flavors. The juicy finish is filled with spicy accents"
Josh Greene
Wine & Spirits, 2016
88 Points
"This has gentle black-pepper spice and citrus notes to its simple grape flavours. There’s an edge of alcohol and aged character to add depth to a cheese course"
Roy Hersh
fortheloveofport.com, 2017
89 Points
"This was a beautiful reddish rust color in the glass, totally clear. It smelled similar to brandy. It was light bodied."

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