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16°C to 18°C

Quinta da Roêda Vintage 2019

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Quinta da Roêda is the cornerstone of Croft’s reputation as a producer of superb Vintage Ports. Its characteristically plump, full, vigorously fruity wines, with their hallmark aroma of Gumcistus, the aromatic bush, are the quintessence of the inimitable Croft house style.

Tasting Notes: Deep reddish black at the core with a broad ruby rim. On the nose the fruit is ripe and succulent, with cherry and strawberry aromas combining with jammy blackberry and blackcurrant notes, but there is plenty of freshness to balance the opulence of the fruit. The exotic resiny, herbal character typical of Roêda, with notes of eucalyptus and mint, is clearly in evidence and there is also an attractive scented dimension with hints of dried rose petal and cedarwood. However, the spotlight remains on the soft, opulent fruit which emerges again on the palate and carries through into the long finish. Although the palate is round and supple and the tannins velvety and discreet, the fresh acidity gives the wine firmness and vigour. A Vintage Port in the Roêda tradition, captivating, seductive and easy drinking but with plenty of depth and background.

viticultural year and harvest

After a warm and dry period of dormancy, the vineyard cycle began slightly early with budburst on 9th March, about a week ahead of the usual calendar. Overall, the growing season was drier and cooler than average although the usual April rains were quite heavy, with around 98 mm of precipitation. The grapes began to change colour (véraison) at around the usual time in mid-July. Although the ripening season began with high temperatures, the weather in the critical month of August was cooler than average with some rainfall on 25th and 26th to balance the ripening of the grapes. The relatively cool conditions and absence of excessive temperature peaks have translated into the elegance, crisp acidity and ‘singing’ fruit that we find in the 2019 wines. Harvesting of red grapes in the eastern areas of the Douro began in hot weather on 4th September and at Pinhão on 14th. The crop was perfectly healthy and in excellent condition although yields were almost a tenth lower than the 10-year average. The wines were attractively aromatic, with a high natural acidity and greater than normal colour intensity.


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