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Croft Port reduces the weight of its bottles

Founded over four centuries ago in 1588, Croft is one of the longest established wine companies with an illustrious past. What better way to shape the future of the company than by taking a highly positive stance and reducing 25% of the overall weight of our current bottle.

Croft is a traditional house that embraces innovation and change, particularly when it comes to matters with such importance as the environment and the ability to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint. Glass bottles account for 29% of wine’s overall carbon footprint – a staggering percentage – and when you add transport into the equation this rises to 42%.

Glass has been the packaging of choice for the wine industry for a very long time and with it there are many poorly conceived ideas about the overall weight of a wine bottle. For decades the end consumer has assumed that because the weight of the bottle is heavier, the wine inside the bottle must be of a higher quality than the wine contained in a lighter weight bottle.

Now is the time to start changing consumer perception and making them focus on what is truly important which is the port wine inside the bottle. The new Croft bottle will go into production in September 2022 and will mean an overall saving of 54 tons / year.

We are committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment and to adopting environmentally sustainable methods and techniques whenever possible. In addition to our award-winning Sustainable Vineyard Model, we have made advances in such areas as renewable energy, waste management and effluent treatment and will continuously monitor and improve our performance in these and other areas.

For further environmental initiatives, please remember to sign up and look at The Porto Protocol website: https://www.portoprotocol.com/