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Croft Velhíssima, a new brandy from the house of CROFT

Founded more than four centuries ago, in 1588, with an illustrious past, Croft is one of the oldest wine companies. Known world-wide for its famous port wines, it also has a long tradition of making brandy, which began with its first shipment to England in 1814.

Made from a selection of high-quality grape spirits of differing ages, Croft Velhíssima ages in the old oak Croft Port wine casks, in the historic Croft cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here, the mild temperature throughout the year and the high humidity provides the perfect conditions for making quality spirits. The long aging in the Croft Port wine casks gives this brandy its distinctive characteristics of great smoothness and complexity.

Aimed at connoisseurs of rare high-quality brandies, Croft Velhíssima is a light chestnut brown in colour. Rich notes of almonds, walnuts, and a touch of marzipan on the nose. Wonderful opulence on the palate, with vanilla, candied orange, raisins, spice, and a rich wild heather honey. An enticing long finish, with notes of dried fruits and spice. 

The Croft Velhíssima should be served as a digestif. We recommend that it be served in a balloon glass, between 16ºC and 18ºC.

Croft Velhíssima is presented in an elegant clear bottle that allows you to enjoy the magnificent chestnut brown, mahogany tones of the brandy and packaged in an elegant wooden frame. 150 units were produced and will be available in specialty stores during the month of December with a recommended Retail Price of €60.