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Roêda Olive Oil

Roêda Olive Oil

Croft’s Quinta da Roêda also produces an exceptionally fine and aromatic extra virgin olive oil extracted by cold pressing from olives hand-picked from old olive trees grown on the estate.

To maintain maximum flavour and freshness from the olives the time between picking and milling is kept to a minimum with the olives milled on the same day as they have been picked. To make the finest extra virgin olive oil, the olives are cold pressed. This preserves all its natural flavour, produces a natural low level of acidity and an oil of the highest quality.

Tasting Notes: A wonderfully harmonious olive oil, rich and aromatic, with a pronounced fruity character, attractive herbal notes and a mild pungency. The ripe crop has produced a particularly smooth oil which expresses the character of the traditional Verdial, Madural and Cordovil varieties grown on the Quinta da Roêda estate.

Acidity: 0,2%

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